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I am dedicated to helping people reach their highest potential and awaken their true and authentic selves using the power of vibrational therapies and sacred cacao. Our beautiful planet is shifting into a higher frequency, and many people are “awakening” and discovering a deeper meaning to their life’s purpose.

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By using the sacred medicine of cacao and the sound frequencies, I will guide you into a relaxed state where you will have access to your guides, ascended masters, spirit animals, and your higher self. It is in this state where we can truly find healing of traumas, past life wounds, stuck energy in our body, and codes for finding peace and joy within this life. 
Sacred cacao is a very gentle plant medicine used by the ancients for thousands of years to connect with the land, our Pachamama, and the spirit realm. We use this gentle medicine as a way of connecting to the source in order to give us a higher perspective of our life’s journey and illuminate anything that needs clearing. 

Cacao is so much more than just chocolate, but who doesn’t love chocolate anyway? It has the perfect balance of calcium and magnesium that is fully absorbable by the body. It also has the happy brain chemical serotonin, which is why we often crave it. 
Using Shamanic wisdom, we will call in our Apu’s (mountain guardians), the directions using the Chakana Cross, our allies, and our own higher selves. We will allow the spirit of Maestro Cacao to do her work to help us relax, receive guidance, achieve clarity, and offer us joy and bliss. 
Next, we will settle into our breath and receive a peaceful sound bath using crystal bowls, a gong, drums, and other instruments. This will further our journey into a deeply relaxing state so that we may receive inner guidance, wisdom, and insights. 
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Experience vibrational therapies and sacred cacao rituals in group or individual sessions. We will hold sacred space together in a very safe, accepting, and non-judgmental way. It is my commitment to you and everyone to learn together, open portals to the higher realms, share our experiences and wisdom, and help usher in the new humanity by bringing heaven on earth. 

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This opened my eyes to new ways.
Sound Bath Attendee

This opened my eyes to new ways. Also, Tracey is a very caring and compassionate person to people like me who she is meeting for the first time.

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She kept sacred space…
Sound Bath Attendee

She kept sacred space, honored us, our ancestors, called upon the spirit animals, and raised our vibrations so that we were able to feel the connection to a different dimension and the presence of something divine.

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I love the whole thing!
Sound Bath Attendee

I love the whole thing! I feel like my body received healing for areas that have been chronic issues, especially my digestive track, joints and muscle stiffness. I enjoyed the sound bath immensely.

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It exceeded my expectations.
Sound Bath Attendee

Tracey embodied a genuine Angelic presence which was soothing, calming, and relaxing.
The ceremony was my first but definitely not last! I felt Tracey led it divinely, and I can’t think of anything she could have done to make it better. It exceeded my expectations.

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…exactly what I needed to truly begin my healing journey.
Sound Bath Attendee

Tracey took time afterward to speak with everyone and answer any questions we had. She has such a calming voice and demeanor. She also went above and beyond and introduced us to tuning forks! This experience was exactly what I needed to truly begin my healing journey.